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The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers Navy
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers
The Shasta 16L
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers
The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers

Monti Coolers

The Shasta 16L


The Shasta is our largest and most popular cooler. 

• Compresses into it's built-in stuff sack
• Molds to any bag
• Tall enough to hold 2 bottles of wine with 12 cans. The Shasta is as big as the adventures you take it on, while still packing small. It'll hold 24 cans and ice if you leave the wine at home. 
• Packs up to fit in your backpack or purse
•Expanded Dimensions: 20"x 10" x 5"
•Capacity: 16L (about 24 cans! Or multiple bottles of wine and a six pack if you prefer)
•Weight: 14.6oz ....we're proud of this little fact :) 
Size Comparison


Expanded Dimensions: 20"x 10" x 5"
Capacity: 16L
Weight: 14.6oz (we're proud of this little fact :) )

Expanded Dimensions: 17"x 8" x 4"
Capacity: 9L
Weight: 11oz (wowza!)


  • Machine Wash on Cold
  • Hang to dry with convenient loop (located on the bottom front of your cooler)


Easily pack your Monti away when you're not using it. This makes the Monti the ideal travel cooler for air travel, ride sharing around the city, or packing in on hikes. 


Ever filled your golf bag with beers that were warm by the 3rd hole? The Monti's unique soft puffy exterior allows it to mold to the shape of any bag. Hiking, golfing, or just carrying it around town, the Monti is moldable for your adventure.

Travel Ready

Throw it in your carry-on. 

Proudly hand made in the USA

The Shasta 16L Cooler Monti Coolers Navy

The Shasta 16L



  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes it can! Monti's are lined with a waterproof interior 

  • How long can it keep ice?

    At room temperature your Monti can hold a temperature below 36 degrees for 10 hours. Should be plenty of time for you to finish those frosty drinks.

  • How does it work?

    Your cooler has a built in stuff sack for when you're not using it. Not using it? Simply stuff your cooler into it's pocket. When you're ready to go, just pop it out and add ice!

  • No zippers!? How do you close this thing?

    Roll the top of your cooler a minimum of 2 times, then clip shut. 3 rolls is even better. It's as easy as that! 

  • I already own a fancy cooler, what makes Monti different?

    We love our Yetis! It is great as a mothership in the car or house. When it comes time to go out on a hike, fishing, park day, grocery run, or anything away from traditional heavy coolers, that is the perfect time to grab your Monti! It's the cooler you actually want to take with you everywhere you go. #bettertogether

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elizabeth Hunter

We love our new Monti Cooler! We took it to Mexico and was able to use it on the beach with the hotel ice. Could not have brought my cooler to Mexico. Love it!

Will Miller

Love this product! Highly effective and easy to use, not to mention stylish, this cooler is a mainstay for a lake weekend or trip to the mountains.

Peggy Shepard

The Shasta 16L makes every outdoor adventure even better! Great product. And different. People ask!

Gray Stoughton
Great present!!!

Every year I struggle to find a gift my brother will like for his birthday. This year I got him a monti cooler and he is obsessed with it. Durable, light-weight and carry’s everything in one fashionable cooler

Julia Centafont
Great gift idea for 2020 grads!

Bought the Shasta as a graduation gift. He loved it and can’t wait to use it while kayaking, hiking, skiing...just about any activity. Love the way it packs very compactly. Perfect gift!