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the smashable packable cooler

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Lightweight. Moldable. Rugged.

The everyday cooler. 

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the world's first travel cooler

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committed to reforestation

for every cooler we sell, we plant a tree

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"The Perfect Beach Cooler!"

You have enough stuff to lug on that hot sand - replace that heavy cooler. 

Picnics and Park Days

After a long day at the park, pack your Monti back into it's stuff sack and toss it in your bag/purse. 

Hiking and Camping

Keep food and drinks cool deeper into the wilderness than you've ever been able to before. 

"I literally use my Monti every week"

Premium coolers can be a big investment, shouldn't you get one portable enough to use daily? Keep your grocery items cool in your hot car or on the walk home, take it in an uber, bring your Monti everywhere. 

One tree planted

We partner with One Tree Planted for reforestation. For every cooler we sell we'll plant a tree.

Plant a tree


Easily pack your Monti away when you're not using it. This makes the Monti the ideal travel cooler for air travel, ride sharing around the city, or packing in on hikes. 


Ever filled your golf bag with beers that were warm by the 3rd hole? The Monti's unique soft puffy exterior allows it to mold to the shape of any bag. Hiking, golfing, or just carrying it around town, the Monti is moldable for your adventure.


No leakage! Pack your Monti with ice with confidence. 

Travel Ready


Questions and Answers

  • How long will it keep ice?

    We've tested the Monti with wireless thermometers. At room temperature, the Monti is able to maintain an internal temperature of less than 45 degrees for 12 hours!


  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes! Monti holds ice and water like a champ.

  • How does it work?

    Your cooler has a built in stuff sack for when you're not using it. Not using it? Simply stuff your cooler into it's pocket. When you're ready to go, just pop it out and add ice!

  • How do I close my Monti?

    For best results, roll the top of your cooler a minimum of 2 times, then clip shut. 3 rolls is even better.

  • I already own a Yeti, why do I need a Monti?

    We love our Yetis! It is great as a mothership in the car or house. When it comes time to go out on a hike, fishing, park day, grocery run, or anything away from traditional heavy coolers, that is the perfect time to grab your Monti! #bettertogether