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the smashable packable cooler

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What they're saying about us...

“The Monti Smashable Packable Cooler completely reshapes the perception of what it means to be travel-friendly.”

"....That’s where a soft-sided cooler comes in. And while we’ve seen quite a few nice ones – from the Yeti Hopper Two to the Pelican DayVenture – we’ve never seen any as simple and comfortable looking as the Monti Shasta."


We kick it off with the badass Monti Coolers ‘Shasta’ 16L Packable Cooler. This compressible cooler can hold a 12-pack so you can throw back frosty beer sodas at the tailgate and it folds up into a tiny pouch when you’re done. It doesn’t get more portable than this.


Here are three words that don’t come to mind when describing a cooler: moldable, packable, and lightweight. Monti Coolers implements all these seemingly impossible features into their state-of-the-art design by being the first truly adventure-ready cooler.


Questions and Answers

  • How does it work?

    Your cooler has a built in stuff sack for when you're not using it. Not using it? Simply stuff your cooler into it's pocket. When you're ready to go, just pop it out and add ice!

  • How do I close my Monti?

    For best results, roll the top of your cooler a minimum of 2 times, then clip shut. 3 rolls is even better.

  • I already own a Yeti, why do I need a Monti?

    We love our Yetis! It is great as a mothership in the car or house. When it comes time to go out on a hike, fishing, park day, grocery run, or anything away from traditional heavy coolers, that is the perfect time to grab your Monti! #bettertogether