Less Lugging. More Living.

Why we built this.

Coolers are a pain in the butt. They are expensive, heavy, and a pain to lug around. To avoid the sore shoulder & hassle, you often leave your heavy cooler at home on the porch.

Coolers shouldn't have to be a compromise. Getting outdoors and spending time with friends should be carefree, and your gear shouldn't limit where or how you can explore.

As a fishing guide in Wyoming, I encountered the cooler dilemma so often I decided enough was enough.

Go from frustrated & compromising to the hero of the picnic, golf course, hiking trip, etc... Be confident that you can enjoy your drinks cold as hell no matter where you are without lugging baggage.


Step 1: Buy the dang thing

Step 2: Pull your Monti Cooler out of it's integrated stuff sack

Step 3: Fill with food, wine, an ice pack, your favorite drinks and go!

Step 4: If you love it, send us your pictures and feedback to help improve our community. If you don't love it, send it back from a full refund.

  • Folds down to the size of a clutch to fit in your purse, backpack, or fishing pack.

  • Easily fits in your carry-on luggage! No more wasteful styrofoam coolers on vacation. Great for travling sports fans that love a good tailgate cooler.

  • Coolers can get gross. Spill Bloody Mix in it and leave it in the car? Oddly specific example you say? We'd know.. just toss your Monti in the wash on cold and air dry!

  • It's more expensive, but so worth it. Now more than ever we are proud to support local industry and small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Your cooler has a built in stuff sack for when you're not using it. Not using it? Simply stuff your cooler into it's pocket. When you're ready to go, just pop it out and add ice!

How do I seal my Monti?

For best results, roll the top of your cooler a minimum of 2 times, then clip shut. 3 rolls is even better.

I already own a "big brand cooler", why do I need a Monti?

We love our big roto-molded coolers! It is great as a mothership in the car or house. When it comes time to go out on a hike, fishing, park day, grocery run, or anything away from traditional heavy coolers, that is the perfect time to grab your Monti! #bettertogether

Is shipping free?

Yes! We off free shipping in the USA.

What is the return policy?

If you don't love it, return your cooler for a complete refund. More details in our return page below.

Are you made in the USA?

Absolutely! We proudly manufacture in Indiana.