About Us

From the mountains to the coast... 

While guiding fly fishing in Wyoming, I noticed that every time I went on a long hike upriver, my best option was to make room in the pack for drinks and my client's sandwiches. Despite having all the gear, including the best cooler available at the time, nothing was portable enough to avoid weighing me down on the river. There are countless soft coolers on the market, but none are lightweight or flexible enough for everyday use. Either they're too heavy for hard-to-reach areas, or too bulky for a bike ride to the market. In fact, most soft coolers nowadays are just as burdensome as the traditional hard coolers we grew up with.

After a few years and dozens of prototypes, the Monti Cooler is ready. It's designed to help serious outdoorsmen, parents, urbanites, and beach bums lug less. Coolers don't have to be a hassle anymore.